Hype Energy (Organic)

Hype Energy, while not one of the more popular brands like Rockstar or Monster, and comes in four distinct flavors (Regular, Organic, MFP and Enlinte); each flavour name less descriptive then the last.  The one shown above is, clearly, Hype Organic. It contains aloe vera with apple juice, this sounds like an odd combination. This comes in a 473mL can which contains 234 calories. Let’s see what it is like.

Hype Organic navigates away from the standard energy drink make-up of caffeine, taurine and ginseng and attempts to go a different route with 184mg of organic guarana seed extract, containing approximately 98mg of natural caffeine, alongside 42mg of vitamin C and B3.  It is not a significant source of any other ingredients or benefits aside from the added aloe vera and apple juice.  Don’t expect the Aloe Vera to heal your insides.

If I were to compare the effects of Hype Organic to say one of my favourite energy drinks, Rockstar Punched, the effects of this Hype Organic simply don’t match up. While I certainly didn’t get any sort of jitters or shakes from this Hype, which is good, I was not any more energized either. Rockstar Punched often gives me a much larger energy boost, certainly more than Hype as the energy part of this drink seems almost non-existent. If anything, I was more focused but lacked any sort of energy gain. It certainly loses points in this category.

The first few swigs were similar to drinking a sort of carbonated apple juice, if you can imagine that. After a while the taste has started to settle in on your tongue you start to taste some of aloe vera addition but that doesn’t help recover the awkward taste from the beginning. In fact, it morphs into a weird taste that I have trouble describing. The drink does have that organic-type taste to it, which if you like that then this would be a good thing yet I usually like the taste that this should be. This isn’t it. It does have an organic-type flavouring to it but that doesn’t make it taste great.

Feeling adventurous and wanting to try something unique but awkward tasting? Or just want to try it out, go out and pick this one up.  If you normally have problems with energy drinks causing you to feel bloated or sick this organic manages to negate those problems but loses some its core values as an energy drink, such as the actual energy part of the beverage and taste. I would consider picking this up again if I feel like an energy drink would make me sick that night or I lost my taste buds.

Overall: 5.5/10
Effects: 6/10
Taste: 5/10
Price: $2.99 CAD

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