Inked Energy – Druidic (Euro Citrus)

Inked Energy is 7-11’s own in-house energy drink and is sold exclusively at 7-11 stores in Canada and the United States. As this is their own drink, it can be sold for a fairly cheap price and that is Inked Energy’s main advantage over the competition. They are usually sold at $2.59 CAD but for two cans.

Inked Energy contains 80mg of caffeine per 250ml serving and since this is a 473ml can that makes for a total of 151.36mg total caffeine content. For every 250ml of Inked Energy, there is also 1000mg of taurine, 35mg of Inositol and for the most part has the usual suspects found in most energy drinks.

Inked Energy is a little below the norm on the caffeine content side and above on the taurine side. I didn’t feel overly energized though, instead a small boost of energy. Perhaps this is why they offer two at that price. On the plus side, I did not experience any sort of jitters from drinking this.

Upon opening the can, it smells like candy and has a great scent. The name of this flavour would suggest that it would taste more citrus-like than anything else. What it suggests is incorrect. Initially, it tastes more like a blend of candy, carbonated apple juice and then with a hint of a citrus blend. However, you are left with a slightly sour aftertaste that is good if you like sour things, think of sour candies. The taste is actually pretty good. As you drink more of Inked Druidic, the sour taste does get somewhat stronger though if you do not like sour tasting candy, then this is probably not the drink for you.

7-11 has made Inked Energy by re-hashing the standard tried and true energy drink formula into a new can and only changed the taste. Though the taste is quite good and earns many points in that department. Their strategy is to sell it at a huge discount when compared to the other energy drinks sold at 7-11. It will work well as it is such a large discount that no other energy drink has. Overall, a pretty good drink especially when you consider the price.

Overall: 6.75/10
Effects: 5.5/10
Taste: 8/10
Price: $2.59 CAD (for two cans.)


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