Tapout Energy (Cherry Citrus)


Tapout Energy is a relatively unknown energy drink on the market and one of the few places I see it available, though I didn’t look very hard, is Short Stop variety stores. Tapout Energy currently comes in three flavours: Cran Orange, Peach Mango, and Cherry Citrus. Personally, I have only had the chance to drink the latter two. An interesting thing about Tapout is they always contain no added sugar. Let’s see how that works out.

Tapout contains the usual suspects except with a higher dosage of taurine. It contains 200mg of caffeine and 2000mg taurine, 10 mg of vitamin B6, 20 mcg of vitamin B12, 100mg of panax ginseng root 50mg of Inositol and 225mg of Glucuronolactone.

Tapout Energy boosts the amount of caffeine from the standard 160mg to 200mg, so I expected a small boost over other energy drinks. The energy boost I got from Tapout was not fast but rather a very gradual increase, I assume this is because there is no sugar kick. So after drinking a Tapout Energy drink, you should be able to undertake sustained periods of action, whether you are on the poker.de site, or doing something a bit more active like going for a run. Either way, you should notice an improvement in your energy levels.

Cherry Citrus, I like the idea of this combination and it tastes pretty good, however I think Peach Mango was much better. This is just be my personal preference though. The Cherry Citrus tasted a bit to sour, it certainly tasted better near the start. Peach Mango was good all the way through.

This is not an energy drink that attempts to make any great strides, just a company that consumers wanted to make an energy drink as Tapout is often known for their clothing line for fighters. The idea of not having any added sugar is nice, the gradual increase was different and weaker and lacking a sugar kick means there is no crash later either. The downside is that it takes longer for you to feel any effects and when you do, it is not as strong. Tapout should have added more caffeine to balance this out. Overall though, the effects are good and the taste is decent.

Overall: 7/10
Effects: 7/10
Taste: 7/10
Price: $2.99 CAD

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