Premium Pink Energy

Premium Pink Energy comes from DD Beverage Corporation, the makers of Beaver Buzz Energy Drinks. This one, comes in a similarly fashioned can like other Beaver Buzz drinks. It is clear that Premium Pink is made by the same company; and if you couldn’t tell by the can’s design, the pull-tab reads “Buzz” in the same font as Beaver Buzz. The last thing to note is that this is a zero calorie energy drink.

Pink Energy has sucralose, often used in low-calorie beverages to serve as a zero calorie sweetener.  The problem with this is that it is usually around 600 times as sweet as regular sugar, says Wikipedia anyway. Premium Pink also has 120mg of caffeine, 1021mg of taurine, 102mg of Panax ginseng, and 102mg of guarana in the 355mL can. This is lower than the majority of energy drinks and it is priced accordingly at $2.59. Will this lower ingredient content prove troubling in terms of the effects of Premium Pink?

I was quite exhausted when I was drinking this so perhaps this is not particularly fair but sadly, this Pink Energy did not give me much of an energy boost.  Perhaps, I felt a little jolt but it wasn’t enough to keep me even close to the energy levels I would get from other energy drinks. I also experienced some jitters which is unusual regardless of how tired I am when I have energy drinks. I am certainly giving this one a thumbs down in this department.

After opening the can it has a sweet fruity smell, sort of a strawberry like scent. But the taste was far to strong for me. Remember that sucralose? Well, that is really what you are going to be tasting that in this drink with a hint of artificial grapefruit flavour. It also seems to have a very long lasting after taste, about 30 minutes after finishing it off I could still taste that same overly sweet taste in my mouth; as if I had just finished a sip. The taste is far sweeter than it should ever be.

I was surprised by this one. Compared to other low-calorie energy drinks, like Rockstar Recovery, the taste of it was actually too strong. The only reason you should buy this is if there is nothing else left on the shelf. Premium Pink ends up being a disappointing one making it a good thing they have differentiated the branding from their Beaver Buzz line as it is a better drink; which we will have a review for soon, spoiler: the taste is excellent.

Overall: 4.5/10
Effects: 4.5/10
Taste: 4.5/10
Price: $2.59 CAD

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