Rockstar (PerfectBerry)


This can, well, is clearly trying to tailor to the female market. The can is hot pink in colour, is a smaller can (355mL), is only 10 calories and comes with a straw. Rockstar is clearly after a new market here. What does that mean for the taste and effects in this review though?

This is where I don’t feel PerfectBerry shines as strongly. The usual Rockstar contains 160mg of caffeine where this one only has 120mg, this is likely due to the smaller can size though. Perhaps it just wasn’t a large enough can for me as I am used to the standard size because I wasn’t feeling the effects as well. So I had a friend of mine try it and she said it helped her stay awake. This one is a tougher call but Rockstar still gets points here because of the smaller can size.

The flavour name doesn’t lie, the berry smell is close to perfect. The taste is more akin to a soda then other energy drinks even more so then Inked was. It’s sweet with an even sweeter aftertaste. Though I feel that I don’t notice the berry flavour as much because of this though. It smells great and it tastes good, though could due with being a little less sweet and soda tasting but the smell certainly gets you more excited then you should be.

Rockstar has attempted to target a new market, not me this time. Well, that friend that had this, she had it before this. In fact, it’s the only one she likes. Rockstar has done a good job with marketing PerfectBerry. All the marketing and can design aside, it’s a decent soda-like tasting energy drink that has moderately decent effects, especially if you are not used to energy drinks. If not purchasing for the effects, the unique taste makes this a worth while buy. That being said, there are better Rockstars out there for you to buy. If you have the option of PerfectBerry or the one I just mentioned and they are the same price, it’s a clear choice.

Overall: 7/10
Effects: 6.5/10
Taste: 7.5/10
Price: $2.99 CAD

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