Lawrence Armstrong
The owner and founder of Drinkico, Lawrence Armstrong, loves technology and would have it for breakfast if he could. Though Gadgico is taking somewhat of a backseat, he will be writing at his own blog, TerminalStandard. Lawrence has aspirations to one day run his own computer repair store and plans to attend college in the near future. Check out Lawrence on Twitter @TheVakman or visit him on TerminalStandard.

David Sum
When he isn’t busy catching up on the latest K-Pop tunes, David is busy developing or designing. He is in co-charge of the technical side of Gadgico and as it turns out is also one of our technical editors on the team. David is currently attending college for Software Engineering Technology. You can find David on Twitter @davidsum or check out his personal website, Down To Code.

Micheal Wilson
Working towards becoming a police officer, Micheal works as a security guard around our home area. Normally. he is buying an energy drink before his shift to review. You can contact Micheal via email or start gaming with him on Steam.

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