Why do you promote ING Direct/Tangerine Banking?
Running a website costs money. Rather than littering the site with many ads, I prefer to offer this option. You get money when you sign up for an account with ING Direct, usually $25 but sometimes there is a promotion for $50. I also get money for referring you, this helps me run my website and helps you get a great bank. ING Direct/Tangerine offers a free chequing account with interest on every dollar which major Canadian banks do not do, free overdraft protection, gives you a bonus for signing up, allows you to deposit cheques via your smartphone and so much more. You get a great bank, I get to keep running my website. So sign up! Once again the Orange Key you use to sign up is: 39992354S1 and you can read more about it here.

Will you be staying with this theme?
Yes, it is likely. If you have suggestions for anything regarding layout though, please contact us.

Do I have to login to comment?
No, you don’t have to login but it is an option. You can either login with your DISQUS, Twitter, Facebook, OpenID or Google accounts.

Can I share a post I like on Twitter or any other social network I use?
Yes, please do. It helps us out! We have made it easy to share, simply navigate to the post you want to share and at the bottom of the page there will be buttons for a large number of networks that you may want to share the link with.

I want to write reviews, just like you guys, how can I do this!?
If you wish to write for us, please contact us and/or review our “Writers Wanted” page.

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