Writers Wanted

Drinkico is looking for writers to become part of our team.

It is an unpaid position currently however in the future, if the site is turning a profit, the unpaid positions, would become paid. This is not the point though.

We just want to have a blog where the writers are enjoying what they are writing.

Why write for Drinkico?

  • We do not have a minimum or maximum number of posts per day or even per week.
  • You get your own email address, yourname@drinkico.com
  • You can be located anywhere in the world.
  • We are not asking for sample articles.
  • Your name goes on our About Us page and links to your Twitter or other site are allowed.
  • You get to be part of a new beverage blog and one that does things a little differently.

If you want to be part of our team, please contact us or send me an email directly to lawrence@drinkico.com. You can talk to me on Twitter, @TheVakman or to @Drinkico. Or you can find us on Facebook. There are many ways to get in touch.

What are you waiting for? Come write with us today!

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